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About us

-01    We’re team with a purpose

“IOA is an lifestyle initiative created by a bright minded and passionate team based on the principle that time is precious and that each and every one of us only have one shot at life. We aim to create a community that enables and encourages its members to participate in creative pursuits and alternative sports. We are passionate about technology, music, extreme sports, design and movement and public art and are dedicated to educating the public and raising the profile of these amazing industries. All of us at times can feel trapped in a somewhat helpless and endless 9-5 cycle, however this should never be a barrier to leading healthier, more rewarding and fulfilling lives. Thinking outside the box, trying new things and pushing your own limits is our methodology to ensure we all maximise the amount of precious time all of us left on this planet. Sometimes all we need is some encouragement and support and that’s why IOA exists. Join our community and together let’s creative the most supportive, collaborative and creative community. Spread the word!”

-02    Who are we?

  Jarrad Bleechmore


  Danielle Bleechmore


    Tenille Meek

    Chief Editor

-03    “Our Mission – Encourage better lifestyles and an outlet to the Status Quo”






     Emotional stress

Other physical stress

Mental health issues

These activities increase your self esteem , connect you to new relationships or help you strengthen existing relationships, and provide you a healthy way to channel any negative emotions or stress you may have about your current occupation or general life events,